16 de dezembro de 2012

Guns’n’Roses – Las Vegas, November 14th, 2012

I've been a fan of Guns and all its incarnations for more than 20 years. I find it funny when some people fight for their favorite members of the band, as if it was forbidden to like one And another one! It's a shame, because in doing so, many people lose good opportunities to see great musicians in action and know their job.

I remember the first time I saw them was at Rock in Rio II, at Maracana, in 1991. And how I suffered! With the typical "wisdom" of my 18 years at the time, I arrived early, thinking I could get in a good spot in front of the stage. Yes... In crowded Maracana???? The most I got was a huge lack of air in the heat of about 104 Fahrenheit degrees in Rio de Janeiro and a huge fear of suffocating, before even get to see Guns and that I could not allow. Can you imagine? Dying without seeing the show as expected? No way!

Since then, I've seen 2 more of their gigs in huge places, but having the opportunity to see them in a place like The Joint in Las Vegas was priceless to me. It was a show where everything was perfect: sound, lighting, integration of the band and, especially, Axl's voice.

In the first chords of Chinese Democracy one could already feel the chill, but with the powerful Welcome to the Jungle the crowd was overwhelmed. It’s amazing to see how songs like this work well alive, including the ones of the Chinese Democracy CD, which, in my opinion, is pretty good, although some people say a lot of nonsense about it.

The hit parade continues with It's So Easy, Mr. Brownstone, Live And Let Die, You Could be Mine, Sweet Child O'Mine etc. Before November Rain, an interesting moment: Axl plays the piano and plays part of Another Brick in the Wall Part 2, from Pink Floyd. It’s also worth to note the time at which the piano is suspended and Axl continues playing, closer to the middle of the audience, while performing November Rain.

After the show, ended brilliantly with Patience and Paradise City, I had the opportunity to meet some band members, including Axl: a meeting expected for over 20 years, but it was worth it! He seems calmer, happier and in peace with his heart than never. He talked to all the fans and left only after making sure he had spoken to everyone. What else could I want?

I’d like to say a big hello and THANK YOU to Heath Monroe, who is GnR #1 fan, in my opinion, for helping me out in meeting the band and Demi Gongos from The Joint for her great work in getting VIP tickets for me and my nephew. You guys rock!

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·  Estranged
(Blacklight Jesus of Transylvania)
(Wings cover)
·  Better
·  Motivation
(Tommy Stinson song) (Tommy Stinson on lead vocals, with band introductions)
(No Quarter by Led Zeppelin)
(Ballad of Death)
(Pink Floyd cover) (with Axl on piano)
·  Objectify
(Bumblefoot cover) (Bumblefoot on lead vocals)
·  Don't Cry
·  Civil War
(Bob Dylan cover)
·  Jam
·  Nightrain
·  Encore:
(Neil Young cover)
·  The Seeker
(The Who cover)
·  Jam
·  Patience
·  Jam

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  1. Vamos atualizando? Já acabou janeiro e nem tem postagem do ano seguinte ao apocalipse :P

    1. Vergonha, né? E eu ainda tebho um monte de coisas da viagem para botar aqui!