2 de fevereiro de 2012

Dog Moment: Neela, Manu and special guest star Tuva

I want to show a little more of my other passion: dogs. I love them all: my dogs, my friends’ dogs, street dogs, mixed-breed dogs, spoiled dogs, it doesn’t matter!

And the first special guest star in the blog is Tuva! She is the hairy friend of my friend Frida Svensson, from Sweden. Frida is a student and a huge Kiss fan! And Tuva is almost 3 years old; she has a lot of energy but can also be scared of small things, as Frida told me.

Top Model Tuva

Tuva and the snow

Tuva acting as a top model again

Neela and Jade: Neela's puppy who was our favorite

Neela and Manu: they love each other, most of the time...

Manu helping me to work

Manu when she does something wrong
Neela enjoying the sun in the morning

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