14 de fevereiro de 2012

Quick Chat with Andrew Babcock - Hair Metal Mansion

We have another special guest to talk a little about his work. Today, I would like to introduce Andrew Babcock, from Muskegon, Michigan. He is only 22 years old and already hosts a successful Internet Radio show mainly dedicated to 80s/90s Hard Rock/Hair/Glam Metal bands. Let’s see what such a clever young guy has to say. By the end of this interview you can find more info about Hair Metal Mansion (the website and the radio show).

PDRR: Andrew, you’re only 22 years old, how did you started to listen to this kind of music (Hard Rock/Heavy Metal/ Glam Metal)?
Andrew: Hey Claudia, wanna thank you for contacting me about this. Normally you would think with someone my age, that I got into this because of my parents or someone like that, but that's not the case for me. I wish I could point to one specific person that introduced me to it, ya know, but I can't. Thinking back, I just remember it all started when I popped in AC/DC's Back in Black album. I guess I had heard the name AC/DC here and there over the years, and I decided to pick it up. I was only into music casually before that, but that's the album that really ignited my love for hard rock and from then on, I started getting into the rest of the scene, more of the glam/hair metal stuff if you will, like Bon Jovi, Motley, and others. I remember one compilation that I got, and that's where I heard quite a few bands for the first time, like Ratt, Cinderella, Slaughter, Warrant, Y&T and a number of others. The more and more I have discovered, the more and more I realized I was born too late and did miss out! But I'm tryin' to make up for it now.

PDRR: When and how did you come to the idea of a radio show broadcasted through Internet?

Andrew: As my love for the music grew and grew, and as I listed to other radio shows, like one called the Hairball John Radio Show and he and his show was a big influence on me specifically. I just loved everything about it and after a couple years, I just was into the music so much, I wanted to support it all I could, so I created my own platform to do so. Prior to starting the actual HMM radio show, I remember I would make up a list of songs and just play them for people here, forcing friends and family members to listen to the songs! I used to "pretend" I had my own show, lol...so let's just say they were glad when I went off on my own to do it for real. I started the Hair Metal Mansion Radio in December of 2008 (the actual site was created a year before in May 2007).

PDRR: How many Internet radio stations broadcast the show today?

Andrew: I have been on so many over the years, some stick with you and sometimes it just doesn't work out for whatever reason...stations closing down, etc. The toughest though was to lose 2 station owners (Dyanne Landry from Dyhard Radio & Brian Boone from Smokin Tunz) who both passed away not too long after each other, so of course that was tough on everyone that knew them and worked with them. But to answer your question, the Hair Metal Mansion Radio Show is currently on 5 different stations; Boost Radio, Red Eye Radio Network, Hard Rock Heaven, 101.9 Fox FM and Xtreme Metal Radio.  

PDRR: Tell me a little bit about Hair Metal Mansion. I’ve heard that you mix old bands/new bands, very famous bands/almost unknown bands, is it true?

Andrew: Yes, you heard right! haha. I love to have that perfect mix of not only the big hits from the 80's/early 90s, but to put the spotlight on a lot of the lesser known stuff as well. That's what's cool when you listen to radio I think, for people to discover bands that may have flown under their radar. Of course I want to support what our favorite 80s artists are doing these days, because most FM and mainstream media won't. So they need a place to get their stuff out there. And I have found there are a lot of new, up and coming bands in recent years that are carrying on with that 80s metal spirit and sound... so by playing them, it proves that our music is still very much alive and kicking!

PDRR: Do you get help to put the show on or do you do it all yourself? If so, who’s helping you now and how?

Andrew: It's all on me pretty much. First comes the pre-work, putting the playlists together, planning the segments, then recording the next day and making everything come together. I have partnered with John from a podcast called Iron City Rocks, I feature some of the interviews he does and then there's my good friend Donna, aka Judaslover who does her own segment on the show every weekend, who is always fun to have! 

PDRR: Do you have any new plans that you want to share with us today?

Andrew: I am looking into doing my own interviews over the phone. That is something that I've wanted to be able to do for quite a while and it's just a matter of finding the best way to do that and get all the necessary stuff you need for it. Let's just say that might become a reality a lot sooner than everyone realizes! Something else I have wanted to do, is to have a co-host. Maybe not every time, but there is someone who has expressed interest in doing it, so that is something else that is in the works.  

PDRR: In your business, did you ever have an opportunity to meet some of your favorite artists and what has this meant to you?

Andrew: I have talked with a bunch of them through emails and other places, but surprisingly enough, I have only actually met a few of them in person... so far anyway. I've met all the guys in Bang Tango and a few from Faster Pussycat. Cool story about first meeting the BT guys, while at Planet Rock in Battle Creek for Stephen Pearcy, we were watching one of the opening bands and we looked behind us, there they were, Scott and Lance from Bang Tango! We then all went back to the bar area and hung out with all of them (Joe, Lance, Scott and Trent) for a while and they were just the coolest rockers you could meet. They very appreciative of all that I was doing and talked to you like we were friends for years. They played at Planet Rock the following night, so we got to hang with them too and then a couple months later when they were back opening for Great White. I have gotten passes/tickets set aside for me from bands like Dokken and Warrant, which was definitely cool of them to do, but didn't get to meet them.

PDRR: What can we expect, as listeners, from Hair Metal Mansion in the future?

Andrew: More of the same! The Hair Metal Mansion Radio Show will always be about keeping the music from the best era of rock n roll alive. Someone has to support it, even though it is severely neglected on FM and mainstream media, it doesn't mean that it's dead! I am always looking for ways to get better and improve as a host and the show overall. I am grateful for everyone who continues to support the show... and I mean everyone, the stations, the artists, the labels and the listeners. THANK YOU all and thank you as well Claudia, for giving me another avenue to run my big mouth! lol. Seriously, keep doing what you're doing and keep it rockin!

People can find out all the info they need on the Hair Metal Mansion Radio Show, by going to the Radio Show page:


      Hair Metal Mansion


Do you long for the glory days of 80's rock and metal? Then the Mansion is your ultimate destination! Check yourself in!

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  1. Great interview!!! Andrew is awesome & his website & radio show both rock!!!

    1. Agree! I love to talk with nice people like Andrew, who has a lot to say!

  2. Keep on the good work dude!!!